Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ethical foie gras

I love the taste of foie gras, hate the cruelty of machine force feeding. Not that fattened liver is worse than most other industrially raised meats, but I'm uncomfortable with them, too.

Have always thought that it must be possible to use geese' and ducks' natural instinct for gorging before migration to produce fat liver. And then my pastry chef sister sends me this link...

A talk - about 20 min. on You Tube - by Blue Hill chef Dan Barber about a visit to Eduardo Sousa in southwestern Spain. His Patería de Sousa produces natural foie gras with free range geese that stock up on figs, olives and a lot of wild plants and herbs.

No gavage, the geese just follow their natural rythym and stuff themselves in the fall.
The foie is only produced in season, and preserved by confitering. His family has done it since 1812. Barber says it's the best, he's tasted. Must try.

på dansk

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