Friday, August 10, 2007

More wine bars

We were in a couple of other good wine bars:

Le Baron Rouge, 1 , rue Théophile Roussel, off Place Alígre, the market square. A good local place, our 'hosts' recommendation. A wine store with an old zinc bar, where you can get a glass of wine and a bite of cheese and charcuterie. They have oysters Sunday morning, we didn't catch that, pity. Lots of good Loire wines, the Paris locals. Some other stuff, too. We had two nice Loire reds - Borgeuil og Chinon - and brought a nice white, Touraine, home. Wines by the glass, bottle and in your own container from casks along the walls.

Lavinia, 3-5, bd. de la Madeleine. More for the wine store, it has a huge selection of wines and spirits. The bar itself, on the 1st floor, is rather soul-less. We had glasses of chablis and champagne with a little food, everything ok, nothing memorable. Closes 8.30 PM. Lots of wine accessories. We played guessing games for a long time with Le nez du vin, the sæt of small bottles of wine aromas - ceder, quince, gardenia. No sweaty saddel, though...


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